Become a part of our Sustainers' Club

The Sustainers' Club is a group of people who understand that to make great theatre, you need more than great actors, great sets, and great costumes. In addition, you must have a warm (or cool!), comfy space, phone lines to take reservations, electricity to power the stage lights, liability insurance and so much more! In short, the fixed costs and overhead that you need to pay all year long - no matter whether your show is a hit!

Through the Sustainers' Club, your donations create a steady revenue stream that helps to stabilize PNT's finances, reduce fundraising costs and keep the stage lights shining on great theatre all year long.

For just $9 a month you can enjoy great benefits and join the actors, directors, designers and sustainers in keeping the lights shining on our great theatre! To become a member, you can call the box office at (734) 663-0681 or email Chelsea Sadler.

Sustainers' Club benefits

Discounts- on tickets and retail items

Wine bar privileges- purchase wine and beer from our "members only" bar

Subscribers Choice Awards!- a private soiree and awards presentation at the Earle!

The Inside Scoop- all the gossip and behind the scenes action in our email newsletter!

Sustrainers' Club memberships are tax-deductible and never expire. Payments are billed on the 1st of every month. To cancel your membership, call (734) 663-0696.