Won't You Play Your Part?

Like similar nonprofit organizations, Performance Network raises just half of its operating income from ticket sales. So where does the rest come from? We receive grants and some corporate funding, but the majority of our support comes from individuals.

Won't you join the PNT family of supporters and help us sustain great professional theatre in Ann Arbor? Your TAX DEDUCTIBLE contribution has a direct and important impact on the theatre.

Here is an idea of what your donation means to us:
$65 - Electricity to run the theatre for one day
$150 - Playbills for a weekend or fabric for a costume
$250 - Wigs and make-up for one show
$500 - Props for one show or one week's salary and benefits for an Equity actor
$1,000 - Sound design materials for an entire season, or one week's royalties on a show
$3,000 - Royalties advance on one show, or a month's rent
$5,000 - One Equity actor for an entire show or the cost of printing our season brochure

Each membership level includes numerous benefits. Click here to see all the great perks!